– cool tshirts

ryan adams has gone blond. and he likes it. and he doesnt look bad. i liked the dark hair better, but whatev

mp3: Ryan adams- Now that you’re gone (austin city limits)


free music: windsor for the derby- the emotional rescue LP go to

oh latest film watched: the darjeeling limited. it was really good


Mic Check,

1 2 1 2.

Mic Check,

1 2 1 2.

the coast are a band from toronto that i discovered on indiefeed. they have a new album out on aporia.

tsuru over at tsururadio has a vinyl rip of daydream nation by sonic youth up.

Crimes Against Fashion-Episode 1 “revenge of mouth” from Ryan Adams on Vimeo.

i love the man

so i went out yesterday and bought some hard copies of  my favorite RA albums. Cds i mean. been meaning to. due to computer crashing a long time ago, i lost many of my favorites, including heartbreaker. so i went out and bought the actual cds. whatever, i dont mind buying it twice. hes ryan adams. and it’s heartbreaker. i also got gold, cold roses, and pneumonia.

mp3 whiskeytown- jacksonville skyline


oh, broadcaster house has the complete suicide handbook. grab:
disc one
disc two

aquarium drunkard has a great post on travel by sea, an alt country band on autumn tone records

so i finally saw once

i loved it. i almost cried. it’s beautiful.

although funny thing is you go  in thinking its “romantic ” or whatever and its really not at all. it’s about friendship and estrangement?. is that a word, even? and its got a fucking good soundtrack , courtesy of glen hansard & marketa irglova

explosions in the sky-the rescue

the soft drugs-in moderation

scott solter-pixel revolt remixes

beat radio-the great big sea

dead heart bloom-chelsea diaries

people noise-ordinary ghosts

the crimea-secrets of the witching hour

cassettes won’t listen-one alternative

the most powerful telescope in the universe-the most powerful telescope in the universe

the phantom carriage-skull exposed to march rain



the pica beats are from seattle and signed to hardly art