These are a list of selfreleased albums that are pay what you will or free


stereogum presents: enjoyed a tribute to bjork


Bedroom eyes- embrace in stereo ep
Bedroom eyes- Valentine vacancy ep
The war on drugs- barrel of batteries ep

Full albums

Amplive- rainydayz remixes remixes of in rainbows by radiohead
the charlatans-You cross my path
the dexateens-Lost and found
A faulty chromosome- as an ex anorexic’s six sicks exit
Nine inch nails- ghosts I-iv
Okkervil river- golden opportunities mixtape
The shivers- the shivers
The terrordactyls- the terrordactyls
The turn-ons- curse Highly recommended
The whiskers- the distorted historian
The whiskers- the whiskers

Label samplers

Matador intended play sampler
Illegal art sampler 07
Anti album sampler
Hidden shoal recordings- limit of maps
Stereo test kit- ear calibration disc||((
Other electricities presents ground(works) 2007-2008