if youve never been to cllct.com, youre missing out.

“The Collective Family is a group of artists who give their music away! We got together and decided we’d rather share our music so that more people could enjoy it. After all, isn’t the most noble goal of mankind to make neat music and then put it online for free? Well, we think it is, anyway.

Sure, there are plenty of sites where you can download free music. But the collective is based around a community, and communities are awesome. Plus, we think this is the coolest place around to download indie music.”

my favorites: blanketarms, big round spectacles, candle, dustin and the furniture, fourpaws, joseph still, manipulator alligator, morgan orion, old erie, seamonster, secret owl society, tin can capriole, wolves!, your yellow dress

i have no means listened to all the artists, and there’s new ones added often