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so i went out yesterday and bought some hard copies of  my favorite RA albums. Cds i mean. been meaning to. due to computer crashing a long time ago, i lost many of my favorites, including heartbreaker. so i went out and bought the actual cds. whatever, i dont mind buying it twice. hes ryan adams. and it’s heartbreaker. i also got gold, cold roses, and pneumonia.

mp3 whiskeytown- jacksonville skyline


oh, broadcaster house has the complete suicide handbook. grab:
disc one
disc two




the pica beats are from seattle and signed to hardly art

Get The Dutch



Damien Jurado- Big Decision from On My Way To Absence


the itunes free song of the week is cut copy –“lights and music”

here are a few songs:

Zookeeper- On High
Zookeeper- Trumpets

The Tellers- Prince Charly
The Tellers- Memory
The Tellers- Hugo

Spanish Prisoners- Song for the Weary
Spanish Prisoners- Some Among Them Are Killers
Spanish Prisoners- Dear Just Curious

Antarctica Takes It!- Antarctica
Antarctica Takes It!- The Song Is You

Band Marino- Chasing Rainbows
Band Marino- Every Time I Make A Girl Cry I Know I’ve Done My Job

Quiet Life- Sweet Smile
Quiet Life- Niantic Bay Blues

Amandine- Soldier’s Hands
awesome song

remember support the artist


beck hansen is cool. i still have to fully listen to mutations.

autumn de wilde did the cover

Beck- Guess I’m Doing Fine from Sea Change



The Velvet Underground and Nico- Sunday Morning from The Velvet Underground and Nico


Ryan Adams, “Walls” from 48 Hours

first post

woo !