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Crimes Against Fashion-Episode 1 “revenge of mouth” from Ryan Adams on Vimeo.

i love the man


so i went out yesterday and bought some hard copies of  my favorite RA albums. Cds i mean. been meaning to. due to computer crashing a long time ago, i lost many of my favorites, including heartbreaker. so i went out and bought the actual cds. whatever, i dont mind buying it twice. hes ryan adams. and it’s heartbreaker. i also got gold, cold roses, and pneumonia.

mp3 whiskeytown- jacksonville skyline


oh, broadcaster house has the complete suicide handbook. grab:
disc one
disc two

he’s back

ryan adams has apperently decided to stop writing on his blog. i dunno if it was criticism, or maybe he just got sick of blogging. maybe he just felt it was time to move to a new meduim. anyway im going to miss his insight lots.

New York, New York

Hands are beautiful. The Things They Do.

for both a solo and cardinals record- he just said on his blog “Foggy”

i can’t wait for the new records.

DR Adams

Ryan’s wearing a batman pin on his suit. and paratrooper boots.

Ryan Adams, “Walls” from 48 Hours

first post

woo !