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ryan adams has gone blond. and he likes it. and he doesnt look bad. i liked the dark hair better, but whatev

mp3: Ryan adams- Now that you’re gone (austin city limits)


free music: windsor for the derby- the emotional rescue LP go to

oh latest film watched: the darjeeling limited. it was really good


Mic Check,

1 2 1 2.

Mic Check,

1 2 1 2.

aquarium drunkard has a great post on travel by sea, an alt country band on autumn tone records


welcome matt. he rocks. he like the mars volta andĀ arizona green tea.

legal free albums. maybe in the next few weeks

and i decided i am going to go through my music a-z to help me figure out what to blog about

bloodhound gang- the bad touch

my friend sent me the song ok. so i google it.

I don’t care what your religious affiliations are, Jesus Christ Superstar is amazing. I’m not talking about the movie as much as the musical itself. My favorite cast is the OLC (original London cast). I’ve been addicted recently, and I’m not sure why. It’s so catchy and funky. Thats probably why. Check it out.